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Errors in: STM32F4xx-Nucleo-MQTT_IBM - TLocalBuffer.d: No such file or directory...

Question asked by Theo Spalinger on Jul 20, 2017

I'm working in the board from: Cloud - JAM | RushUp  

I wanted to build the following project on Windos 10 with the "System Workbench for STM32" IDE :


I get it from:

FP-CLD-WATSON1 - STM32 ODE function pack for IoT node with Wi-Fi, NFC and sensors for vibration analysis, connected to I… 


When I started to build on Windos 10 64bit - I get the following Error:

> fatal error: opening dependency file Middlewares/Third_Parties/MQTT-Paho/Utils/TLocalBuffer.d: No such file or directory...


When I build the same project on Ubuntu 16.04 it builds without any errors.


Does anyone know what could be the problem?