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Problem BlueNRG-1 and ST-Link Debugger under Eclipse

Question asked by Tino Beilken on Jul 19, 2017

I have the STEVAL-IDB007V1 DK with the BlueNRG-1 chip.

First I work with IAR Embedded workbench and it works fine.

Today I install Eclipse with the system workbench for STM32 and port the Project for eclipse.

It works fine but the problem is to use the debugger (ST-Link V2) and I don´t know why.

I have install the openocd for GNU ARM Eclipse and add it to the Debug Configuration.

But every time I start debugging, I get the failure "Error while launching command: gdb -- version

Have anyone an idea ?

In the Debug Configuration which Config options the BlueNRG-1 Chip needed ?