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BlueNRG-1: MCU and bluetooth peripheral

Question asked by Babip Bipbop on Jul 18, 2017

Pretty new to this tiny jewel, I have trouble understanding how everything is architectured.
When reading the ``datasheet'' (DocID028866 Rev 3), it seems [see fig.1] that the Cortex-M0 core is connected through an AHB to the Blue peripheral. It is mainly the same with other peripherals [ie. ADC/RNG/SPI... -through a bridge to APB].

What I would have then expected in the ``datasheet'' would have been to find for the Bluetooth peripheral a section that would be similar to those that can be found for ADC/RNG/SPI ...
Is there a good reason for which this is not the case ?
Is it possible to find such a documentation elsewhere/am I missing something [clearly-yes]...?


I guess the main reason why there is no such thing is that developers shall use the stacks provided by ST and not tinker with registers directly... I am pretty ok with that, but I don't know whether it is the right way of thinking or not...


Other questions about the stack and the interactions with the datasheet:

  • How does the BLE IRQ scheme work ?
  • what are the BLE entries in the vector table supposed to mean [and where can I find info about that in the documentation ?
  • Browsing in the lib header file, I find this snippet... could someone tell me where I can find documentation about that ?

* @brief Radio ISR routine.
* This is the base function called for any radio ISR.
* @return None
void RAL_Isr(void);


Could you enlighten my path, dear community members...


Thanks a lot in advance,
Best regards.