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STM32L073 flash problem

Question asked by Stefano Minconetti on Jul 18, 2017

I'm facing some problems while flashing a Release version image into a STM32L073 MCU. The strange thing is that
this happens only when the size of the binary image to flash is near the one of the Flash Bank 0 size (about 96KB).
I found this behavior both using ST-LINK-V2.1 (inside the SW4STM32 IDE, selecting "Target->Program Chip.." menù)
and using DFU-UTIL (via command line in Ubuntu: dfu-util -a 0 -D app.dfu). I generated the .dfu firmware image
via the DFU-TOOL program using the command "dfu-tool convert raw Release/app.bin Release/app.dfu".

When trying to flash via DFU, the utility recognizes that the image I want to download is made of 3 elements: it
correctly (I think..) flashes the first element (whose size is 81292 bytes) while the second element fails to be
programmed (DFU-UTIL returns the message "Error during special command "ERASE_PAGE" get_status" and

Also instead of using DFU-UTIL I also used the DFU-TOOL utility to download my firmware image via the command
"dfu-tool write-alt app.dfu 0"; the utility sent to me error message "Invalid number of sectors: 1536*128g".


Can anyone already facing this kind of problems redirect me on a fixing solution?
Thanks in advance for any help.