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Firmware Difference in BLUENRG V7.2.c & V7.1.e

Question asked by puneetha shankar on Jul 18, 2017

i'm working on a BLUENRG_CSP device and i've retained the ble section similar to the Sensor Tile STLCS01V1,

my BLE is initializing but not advertising.

i'm able to read the device ID,

only difference i can see with respect to Sensor tile is  BLE Firmware version


Sensor Tile Version is 7.2.c

my device version is 7.1.e


can somebody please guide me through, what could be the problem,


also Can you confirm that 7.1.e is for 32MHZ or 16 MHZ. Should i worry about frequency if so, Is there any option to update the BLE firmware.

Thanks & Regards,