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How to pair a BlueNRG device correctly (embbeded systemes using STM32)

Question asked by Benjamin Levy on Jul 18, 2017

Hi all,


I am running BLE peripheral profile application on VisualStudio13 using STM32 with BlueNRG-MS module, OpenOCD and VisualGDB.

What i want for ma device is to seccurly pair itself to an android tablet in order to have a secure connection.


What i have for the moment is a connection Master-slave and I can send requests. But I want it all secure :

  • Secure pairing with passkey asked to the tablet
  • Encrypted data
  • Author requirement for characteristics


My device has neither screen no keyboard. I'm also using BLE_LIB files. *

My goal here in this forum is to find clues and code samples for those requirements.


Can someone help ?