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Ethernet and TFT LCD with an STM32F746IGT6 LQPF176

Question asked by Theo Spalinger on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by axaykumar rana

I want to build a application with a an STM32F746IGT6 LQPF176 with Ethernet and TFT LCD.


I started with CubeMX for checking if this configuration is possible.

When I enable:

- LTDC Display Type: RGB888 (24bits)

- ETH Mode: RMII

in the Pinout view (ETH section) the yellow exclamation mark is displayed with the note:


"Conflict with: LTDC Display type RGB888 (24bits) or/and Only active when TIM2 has an enabled Slave mode with ITR1 as trigger source."


Does anyone knows what this warning means?