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STM32F107 Jump To System Memory - Bootloader

Question asked by Morten Sissener on Jul 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2017 by Clive One

I'm using the STM32107 and want to use application code to activate the STM32 bootloader in system memory. I've consulted the AN2606 Application Note where it states...


"In addition to patterns described above, user can execute bootloader by performing a jump to system memory from user code."


My hardware/board is already designed and the Boot0 is already hard wired to ground (logic 0) and I don't want to have to redesign the board just to activate the STM32 bootloader. 


So far so good. When I scroll down in AN2606 to "Table 3 - embedded bootloaders" I notice that for STM32F105/107 processors there's a "NA" shown under the Bootloader ID and Memory Location. 


Is this ST's way of saying you can't jump to the bootloader by performing a jump to system memory from user code? Or is ST suggesting that because the STM32F105/107's are too complex to pull this off successfully so you're not even going to provide the info? 


The approach I'm planning to use is to write a value into a register, do a system reset, check the register value as 1st line of code and if register is set then jump to bootloader in system memory. This approach should make sure the processor is in reset/default state prior to the jump. 


Thanks in advance for any insight/guidance on this.