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STM32F469I - Graphics Issue? (Loading Images from Memory)

Question asked by Yiğit Uyan on Jul 15, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2017 by waclawek.jan

I have recently got a STM32F469I-DISCOVERY board to start embedded development on STM32 family. To begin, I have downloaded the STM32F4 firmware package and started to test some of the demo applications provided. It seems that there is a graphics issue with some of these applications, specifically when loading images from the memory.


To give you some context, when I run the demo, the ST-Life Augmented logo as well as the menu items are drawn distorted (1-DemoScreen.png). When I run an application like LCD_DSI_ImagesSlider, the result is even worse with all buggy, blue-green images (2-ImageSlider.png). What do you think might be causing this, and how can I solve this?


Things I have tried/thought so far:

1) The LCD display is connected via CN10 connector. The connection seems intact and the display works totally fine.

2) In fact, I wrote a test application to test the screen colors, by drawing different colored circles all over. (3-GraphicTest.png) It seems that it can display all colors properly.

3) The loaded images seem to be stored in .h files in binary form (eg. uint32_t array of [384000] points). My current guess is that the memory address these images are aligned to, or how they are interpreted/read, is not right. This might be due to something happened to the the MCU, or a misconfiguration due to my IDE/toolchain settings. 

4) As a side note, I am using SW4STM32 out of the box. I have updated the firmware of my device, however this have not solved anything.


Any ideas?


Thanks in advance,