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Question about specifying Advertising Interval for BlueNRG

Question asked by Lance on Jul 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by Lance

I need to adjust the Advertising Intervals (min/max) associated with the "Bluehci_Gap_Set_Limited_Discoverable" command which is described on pages 30-31 of the UM1755 BlueNRG Bluetooth LE stack ACI User Manual (linked on the BlueNRG product page).


This command has the parameters:



where I need to understand the details of Adv_Interval_Min and Adv_Interval_Max.


However no details are provided.   The User Manual says this about these parameters:




and in the detailed listing of the command parameters,  these two parameters are entirely missing!



Can you please provide details for these two parameters:  Adv_Interval_Min and Adv_Interval_Max


  • How many bytes each?
  • If > 1 bytes are they big or little-endian?
  • What are the time units?   In other words,  if I specify a value of 1 (decimal),  what will the corresponding advertising interval be?


If this information is available somewhere,  please point me to it.


Thank you very much!