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Squarewave to L6506 stepper phase select logic IC??

Question asked by whitfield.mike on Nov 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2012 by Enrico Poli

I'm looking for a chip that does the logic part of converting a squarewave (from an AD9833 SPI waveform generator) to phase select signals for controlling an ST L6506. I've found a circuit from the 6th WSEAS Conference  2006 that shows a nice fullstep/halfstep/wavedrive selectable converter that can be built with cmos chips but this really puts the chip count through the roof. I know about chips like the STK672 that include the whole process including 3A drive capability but I need the 6A+ from a TI DRV8432.

Anybody know the chip I'm looking for?


UPDATE > I'm new to FPGA design.. would the circuit I've linked to above be a good candidate for this approach? Any suggestions on CPLD, etc family?