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STM32F469I vs STM32469I (What is the difference?)

Question asked by Yiğit Uyan on Jul 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2017 by Yiğit Uyan

I have recently got a STM32F469I-DISCOVERY board to start embedded development on STM32 family. I downloaded the Firmware package for F4 devices from


This is a huge zip file with software demos, examples and templates for the whole F4 line of MCUs. Under projects folder (where each different F4 products listed) there is no STM32F469I. The closest ones to this are "STM32F429I-Discovery" and "STM32469I-Discovery", however they both seem to be corresponding to different line of products.


Can someone with past experience using STM32F4 devices help me to figure out which one to use, and give some insight about the naming conventions used for these products as well?


Thanks in advance,