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Bug in STM32CubeMX v 4.22.0 with dual ADC mode

Question asked by Zheng Liang on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2017 by Cyril FENARD

When I had generated code with dual ADC on regular simultaneous mode from STM32CubeMX, the code after compiled couldn't get to work and rised error handler, so I traced the problem, found that there is a multiple mode configure function in ADC init function, but the configure function only works with ADC1, here is the reason. and I will illustarte it below:

  1. Here is the configure of ADC1 and ADC2
  2. This is the code in ADC2_Init function:
  3. The source code of this function, in the read box, the statement will be false:
  4. Here is the macros:


So, this code in ADC2_Init is meaningless, and bolck the program, I have to delete it everytime after I regenerated the project.


Hopes It's usefull for your guys.


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