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Question asked by Andrew Smit on Jul 12, 2017

We are using the SPWF04 SPI and have the following issues


1) No Ack after TCP socket data packet sent:

I can setup a client socket or a server socket and start streaming data but at some point the SPWF04S does not ack and 20 seconds later the module resets. (This 'lockup' is random and can be from a few seconds to 2 minutes)

There is no ack interrupt from the module

We have tried to send differnt sized packets (512 to 3k, with same 'lockup'


2) A UDP server socket is opened and the data received via the WIND 55 process. My problem is that 30% of the messages have a faulty byte in the message, i.e. Ç{\"TimeRequest\"}" or "{\"TimeR quest\"}". If the first byte is incorrect it is always a 0x80 ‘Ç ‘ but the byte that is incorrect in the message is always a 0xFF


3) How do I reply to a UDP broadcast received on the UDP server socket? If I send a reply via the current socket I don’t receive it on the remote side.