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Using two 16bit bus SDRAM as 32bit

Question asked by Otavio Borges on Jul 11, 2017


I'm designing an application using STM32F469BIT6 and two AS4C4M16S 16bit bus SDRAM to be used as external program memory.

My idea is to use 4 byte enable (NBL0~NBL3) sending the lower two (along data [0~15]) to one IC and the higher two (along with [16~31]) to the other, using same 11bit address bus for both SDRAM ICs. As shown on the picture attach.

Where SDRAM_DQM[0-3] is connected to FMC_NBL[0-3], respectively.

I saw a similar schematic being used on another MCU, I just want to know if this setup will work with FMC as well.