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STM32F769I Discovery board LCD interface

Question asked by dosajh.pranav on Jul 10, 2017
I have gone through all of the tutorials above and i also have the stm32f4 discovery kit on which  I am able to implement all of the peripherals using cubemx and (Keil or Eclipse). 
The problem I am facing with the STM32f769I discovery board are as follows:
1) I am able to create GUI using touch GFX or embedded wizard (Evaluation editions) and flash it onto the discovery board. 
But I am not able to link the gui with the board peripherals. How can I link it with the GUI so as to create some real world applications.
2) The cubemx has some examples on the lcd for this particular board but does not contain any .IOC file(cube mx extension). Without which it is very difficult to understand what all system peripherals are selected and what clock configurations are used.
3) I do not have a Keil uVision 5 license so most of the examples on lcd do not build due to code limit. So was planning to shift on eclipse for further developments. which gui interface is best suited for eclipse based IDE and how to interface the gui with the board peripherals.
4) Most of the tutorials on LCD's and touchscreen are using segger emwin configurations with keil interface. Since the segger emwin is only aplicable till stm32f4 devices. I have STM32F769I for that there is very little information and tutorials are available specially for the touchscreen part.
Please help on the touchscreen part for this particular board.
Pranav Dosajh