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RM0390 STM32F446xx Reference Manual update request

Question asked by john doe on Jul 9, 2017

In RM0390, the Reference Manual for STM32F446xx MCUs, on page 379, Section 13.10 Temperature sensor


The formula given is

TempC = ((Vsense - V25) / Avg_Slope) + 25


In the STM32F446xC/E Data Sheet, page 147, Section 6.3.22 Temperature sensor characteristics, calibration registers are provided TS_CAL1 and TS_CAL2


Please update the reference manual to reflect the availability of those registers as the revised formula provides better results


TempC = ((110C - 30C) / (TS_CAL2 - TS_CAL1)) * (TS_DATA - TS_CAL1) + 30C