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Task which has control loop runs slower in STM32F407IEH6 compared to STM32F746IGK6

Question asked by Santhosh KM on Jul 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2017 by Santhosh KM


I am using STM32F407IEH6 & STM32F746IGK6 boards in my application. I have 10 tasks with scheduler running in the application. 

-- APPLICATION has same code on both STM32F407IEH6 & STM32F746IGK6 .

-- Two boards are running at same clock speed

* All the tasks running with same rate on both the boards

* except the task which has control loops taking more time ( in microseconds, say STM32F746IGK6 takes 15microsecond then STM32F407IEH6 is taking 18 or 20 microsec)


Any one please share your knowledge why STM32F407IEH6 is taking more time to run the task which has control loops