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STM32F411CC - (256kB) Flash Sectors

Question asked by sean lannon on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by sean lannon

Can anyone confirm what the Flash sector sizes are on this MCU version?


All documentation lumps the F411xC with the F411xE even though the former has 256kB of flash, and the latter has 512kB. The stm32f4xx_hal_flash_ex header defines the same number of sectors as the F411xE, so I'm assuming all the sectors for the STM32F411CC are just half of all the sectors outlined in the datasheet (RM0383 / DocID026448 Rev 1 - page 43).


The ST-LINK tool > Erase sectors option matches the datasheet, which is misleading as it shows a total of 512kB when counting up each sector!


ST-LINK Flash sectors for 256kB ST32F411CCU6


I just want to be 100% certain. My guess is that the sectors are using the same Start address but have the following sizes:

  • Sector 0: 8K
  • Sector 1: 8K
  • Sector 2: 8K
  • Sector 3: 8K
  • Sector 4: 32K
  • Sector 5: 64K
  • Sector 6: 64K
  • Sector 7: 64K