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Sine wave stability

Question asked by ionut.fasola on Jul 10, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by ionut.fasola


I want to generate a 50Hz stable sine wave which I will amplify in order to obtain AC and DC voltage and current.

The strategy is to generate the sine wave using DAC or PWM. I used one STM32 MCU with two DAC outputs....the MCU is supplied from a 2.5V voltage reference 0.24% accuracy  because I want the sine wave to have an amplitude as constant as possible...

So far I get a sine wave with very poor performances (for example an amplitude of 1.27V with +/- 2% ) both methodes (DAC and PWM) I guess this is due to internal DAC and timer errors...

Do you have any tips (software , hardware) in order to obtain a more stable sine wave?