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MCU halted after programming, not running application

Question asked by Tristan Robitaille on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2017 by Clive One



I'm developing a project around the STSPIN32F0 (on a custom board), which embeds an STM32F031C6. I can connect and download code to the MCU using ST-Link Utility and the ST-Link v2 integrated into an STM32F4 Discovery board.


The problem arises after successful code download. The MCU stays halted and doesn't run the code at all as well as disconnects from ST-Link Utility. The weird part is that I used to be able to program the MCU perfectly a few days ago and it would run the code as expected, but that is consistently no longer the case.


Could hardware damage have caused this problem?


For reference, I tested uploading a program to the STM32F4 Discovery board and it runs the application without a problem. I am also not able to debug my STSPIN32F0 in AC6 System Workbench using OpenOCD (getting the dreaded Failed to execute MI command: -target-select remote localhost:3333 error), but I am able to debug the Discovery board.


Thanks for looking into this!