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problems with ISP1763a

Question asked by Roman Shulenkov on Jul 6, 2017

   During development of a driver for ISP1763a usb device (gadget) under Linux OS, I had some difficulties, which I hope you will help us solve. The driver ISP1763a works on the NOR interface in asynchronous multiplex mode, the bus 16 bit. Before I say that the driver for usb host ISP1763a works correctly. The driver problem is that only interrupts from the USB BRST (reset) and VBUS come, the USB endpoints do not appear, all the settings have been made according to the manual on your site (PM0070: ISP1763A programming guide). The sources used the driver for ISP1761 ( and = Directory, as well as a clean driver for the usb device for isp1763a, proceeded from the considerations that the ISP1761 controller is the same as And ISP1763a works on the basis of the controller ISP1582 (this situation is observed for each of these 3 drivers). In all these cases, the PCI interface for usb device (this interface was translated to NOR). Perhaps there are significant differences with the manual for the 16-bit mode (those descriptions that are in the ISP1763a configuration manual for the 16-bit modes have been taken into account, and the connection circuitry has been tested), also the question of having an example for the 16-bit mode for the ISP1763a so that we can Check the correctness of our code, maybe you have a working driver for 16-bit mode or other information that will help solve our problem. Thank you in advance.