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STM32L4 and BlueNRG-MS causing hard fault

Question asked by Ricardo Hassan on Jul 6, 2017
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   I am using an STM32L486, connected to a BlueNRG-MS via SPI.  I am trying to build a simple app that can advertise, with one service and a 6 characteristics.  I'm following the example in the programming guide, i.e. I've configured the SPI to talk to the BlueNRG-MS, enabled the SPI IRQ, and put STM's handler in the interrupt handler.  I am able to get through creating my service, even to the point of advertising, but then the STM32l486 hard faults.  I'm pretty sure this is happining in the ISR, which is constantly firing.  Any ideas as to what is wrong?  Does it make sense that the BLueNRG should be constantly interrupting?