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PC Connection detect using FTDI chip

Question asked by malladi.sandeep.001 on Jul 6, 2017
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I am working on Stm32l073 series controller. I have small question regarding the deep sleep and exit from deepsleep modes when device is not plugged to PC i must make the device go to sleep. As the Block Diagram I can make it clear. Now my question is that i would like to detect wether my device is connected to pc or not. Using some GPIO pins or an interrupt. If its connected to PC wake up the device from deep sleep or else make the device go to deep sleep mode. I had tried using the pin CBUS 3 on FTDI whenever there is high or low detection indicates connection status. But was unable to achieve. Is there any way how can I detect the status of my device connection using external interrupt or may be any ideas that I can implement through software.