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Why do spi transfer insert delays between byte transfers

Question asked by John Davis on Jul 5, 2017
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STM32F091xc processor

One spi controller

I'm doing transfers to a LCD.  The LCD appears to somewhat work.  However the colors and orientation seems odd.  I looked at the SPI bus on Logic Analyzer and I get delays between every 9 bytes.  I'm thinking these delays between packet bursts are the culprit.  ie. a cmd just happens to be on a 9th byte and then the micro inserts a large delay between the cmd arguments and the cmd is ignored by the LCD.


For instance here is the screenshot of the byte transfers.  I looked at the errata for this processor but I did not see anything related to SPI in master mode.  I'm using the HAL_SPI_Transmit() routine.  Note, one potential problem is that I am doing the transfers one byte at a time.  However these delays were not present in 32f072 cpu based board.


artificial delays between every ninth byte transfer