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LTFT issue.

Question asked by rishavnath satapathy on Jul 7, 2017

Hi There,

I am using STM32F429ZI discovery board to write an UART and LTDC code.

I have Entesla serial to USB converter connected to the Discovery board via TTL(I am not using RS232).

Simple use case is -Display the characters entered from PC hyperterminal.

Now Individually the USART and LTDC code are working from the following git repository, but when I merge them both only USART is working. I can see only flickering on display when I am entering characters.

I am attaching the main file here. 

I am using library/code from here - GitHub - MaJerle/stm32f429: Keil projects and libraries for STM32F4xx devices 

Any suggestion guidance is welcome.

Thanks in advance.