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Field updating of STM32 with data in external qspi flash

Question asked by imtiaz on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2017 by avi_crak.videocrak

Hi All,

We are using an STM32F7 processor.


We have a typical application that will store LCD images and other asset type data in qspi flash. The QSPI flash will be memory mapped. We also have external memory mapped RAM.


In the code the images will be specified to go into the external qspi flash section , I guess using a scatter file definition of memory regions and #pragma in the code.


Could anyone give me some direction as to how we could update this software in the field - where we are not only updating the internal 2Mb flash , but also the external qspi flash. Currently I am using the ST system bootloader to update the internal flash.


I am assuming that a customised bootloader will be needed based on the address of the data , internal flash starting at 0x08000000 and external 0x90000000   it will have two different API's to write to either internal or external memory.

Does that mean that I will need to work with a hex file rather than a binary?


The setup of our hardware is very similar to ST's F769 eval and discovery boards. However these are programmed using dedicated programming interfaces like swd/jtag and stlink etc which have customised loaders.


In our case we will be doing OTA updates.


Highly appreciate pointer in the right direction.


Best Regards