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STM32F407 FSMC physical addressing

Question asked by Bertrand PICARD on Jul 4, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by Daniel Studer

Hello everybody,

I am a new ARM microcontroller user.

I drive a winstar 3,5" display (SSD1963 embedded) with a STM32F4-discovery board.

I use FSMC to drive the display with 8080 mode.

To drive the input D/C# (Data / Command) I use FSMC address A19 (PE3).


It works fine if i use the code below :

#define LCD_REG              (*((volatile unsigned short *) 0x60000000))     /* DC = 0 */
#define LCD_RAM              (*((volatile unsigned short *) 0x60100000))     /* DC = 1 */


The questions are:

- Why I need to write "1" to bit #20 to switch A19 to "1" ?

- Why I cannot use bit #19 rather than bit #20 ?


Thanks in advance