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Save RTC timestamp on power-loss

Question asked by Rami Rosenbaum on Jul 3, 2017


I'm working on a STM32F101CBT6.

My HW has a Dallas Tamper chip with RTC (connected to external Xtal), connected to the ST via i2c.

On power loss (battery extraction, for example) - the Dallas chip signals the ST, generating an interrupt.

Within the interrupt, I toggled a pin, to see (via logic analyzer) how long the ST 'lives'. The pin was toggled ~2.2ms.

During that time, still within the interrupt, I read the RTC timestamp from the Dallas and saved it in the backup registers of the internal RTC of the ST. This operation takes ~0.4ms.

When running it 'live', I read zeros, due to a TIMEOUT on the i2c.

Q 1: Does the i2c controller/peripheral die much quicker than the ST? Will my design work?


So I enabled the internal RTC, and now I'm updating it for the Dallas RTC on each boot.

Within the  power-loss interrupt I save the internal RTC timestamp, and this works.

My problem is that the internal RTC drifts, a few seconds per minute!!!

Q 2: Why is the drift so big?