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STM32L476 with custom segment LCD aka LCD glass aka Passive LCD

Question asked by Silas Valera on Jul 2, 2017
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I have an application where I need the following:

1. Lowest possible power conusmption - in any mode run/standby/sleep - it is a battery powered application

2. The controller also includes segment LCD driver - driving up to min 64 segments

3. The controller also keeps the segment LCD live (no turning off the LCD) in sleep/standby mode 


Refering to the reference manual / data sheet for STM32L476, I found that this is a suitable controller I can use for my application.:

Q1. Has anyone any experience using STM32L4 in application for driving segment LCD? Can anyone please help me with any example / document?  

Q2. Further for the segment LCD, how does the common and segment pins layout work?


Any primer or document will be really helpful and very much appreciated..


Thanks in advance!