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LPS25HB not giving correct output in Atmel SAM Gseries

Question asked by kasu.radhika on Jul 4, 2017
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I'm using X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 board for integrating the pressure sensor in my Atmel board SAM G55 series.I'm using the reference code of LPS25HB/LPS25HB.c at master · ControlEverythingCommunity/LPS25HB · GitHub .I can able to get the correct output from WHO AM I register but the problem is that when I'm reading the output registers 0x28,0x29,0x2A ,the values are showing always as zero and they are not changing.Even If sometimes ,the registers are showing some value,the values are not changing even when the pressure is applied.I have configured the control registers too. 0x20 as 0x90 and 0x21 as 0x01.


Can you please let me know any clue on why the output registers are not changing and always showing as zero.Please help me.


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