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HAL_UART_Transmit_IT(); Issue

Question asked by Manojkumar Subramaniam on Jul 3, 2017

Hello everybody, I just got into STM32 development and using the HAL library primarily for my developments now. I am having a issue with UART IT library function. Why when I have a for loop delay or HAL_Delay in my main code the Buffer data is not updated, I keep receiving the first byte consecutively, it worked very well if I don't have delays in my code.



main raw code :


Keil MDK project :


Fingerprint_Netrikkan/MDK-ARM at UARTSWAPTEST · manoj153/Fingerprint_Netrikkan · GitHub 


Or if you want to clone the repo : 


GitHub - manoj153/Fingerprint_Netrikkan at UARTSWAPTEST 



Thank You, 


Looking forward for a solution from the experts from the community