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reset circuit problem with stm32f4

Question asked by Moamen Ayman on Jul 2, 2017
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2018 by Moamen Ayman

Hello, I'm using stm32f407vgt6 MCU in a control system and I'm facing a strange problem in the reset circuit, when I power on the system it doesn't start until I put a short circuit wire manually between reset pin and GND and then remove this wire so system can start properly. system's external reset circuit consists of pulldown 0.1uF capacitor and pullup 10KOhm resistor. I have tried to replace the 10KOhm resistor with 100KOhm but nothing changed. I also replaced the 0.1uF capacitor with 1uF and also nothing changed. Could someone help me to find out what may cause this problem and why I need to connect the reset pin to ground for just a second in order for the system to start?


Thanks so much in advance