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How to protect non-volatile data from mass erase?

Question asked by M F on Jul 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by M F

Hello everyone,


we need to protect certain calibration data we store in a STM32L051 microcontroller from being deleted by mass erase operations.


The scenario is as follows:

1- Our production stores some calibration bytes together with a firmware in the microcontroller non-volatile memory. The calibration information is device specific. This calibration values should not be deleted, as indicated, in the entire life of the device.


2- Our customer receives this microcontroller together with an API from us. He/she then creates his own application with the help of the API. Once created, he/she downloads his/her application in the STM32L051 microcontroller, replacing the default firmware from our production.


The question again, how to prevent that the calibration data is not lost if a mass erase is performed?


Thanks in advance for your ideas!