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Programming the BlueNRG-1 Over SWD

Question asked by Jake Lee on Jun 30, 2017

Hi All,


I've been working on a project which involves programming a BlueNRG-1 microcontroller over SWD. As recommended far and wide, I have ensured that DIO7 is pulled high and have followed reasonable design practices, but I am having trouble figuring out how to get my Windows 10 laptop to recognize my board over SWD. I am using a SEGGER J-Link debugger to communicate with my device. In the BlueNRG GUI and BlueNRG Flasher utilities, I am prompted that my serial port is closed. However, when I attempt to program my device with J-Flash Lite it seems like some information is able to reach the BlueNRG-1 and it notifies me that programming has been successful.


Has anyone experienced this before? I am new to these tools and the hardware, so anything that can be offered as help is greatly appreciated.