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L6234 + STM32F4 + MC + STM32 PMSM FOC LIB 3.2

Question asked by horvat.felix on Nov 8, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2012 by Gigi
I want use a Discovery F4 Board to control a L6234.  There is a similar eval board using the L6230 ...
 Pwm works and is being created as set in the Workbench. But there is one "Problem": The L6234 does not have a low- and high side input for each half bridge, but a general input and a enable input.
If the general input is high only the high mosfet is enabled, if its low only the low side mosfet is enabled. The enable input activates or deactivates the whole half bridge. 
But in the workbench i cant find an option that represents this kind of Power stage setup.

If this kind of Power stage is not supported i could add an OR Gate between the low and high side pwms (assuming completed inputs). The output would be the enable and the high side pwm could be used as general input.
But i want to avoid using this extra piece of hardware, if a SW solution is possible.