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Hard fault on I2C initialization

Question asked by Youssouf Coulibaly on Jun 30, 2017
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First I am new in ST device, I only used Microchip PIC for 6 years.

So any advise or comment will be appreciated.

I am trying to use I2C interface on NucleoBoard F091RC1.


I2C_HandleTypeDef* hi2c1;


void i2cInit(I2C_HandleTypeDef* i2cHandler)

      // Assigned I2C handler pointer 
       hi2c1 = i2cHandler;


    // Call I2C init function 


void MX_I2C1_Init(void)

hi2c1->Instance = I2C1;

      hi2c1->Init.Timing = 0x2000090E;
      hi2c1->Init.OwnAddress1 = 0;
      hi2c1->Init.AddressingMode = I2C_ADDRESSINGMODE_7BIT;
      hi2c1->Init.DualAddressMode = I2C_DUALADDRESS_DISABLE;
      hi2c1->Init.OwnAddress2 = 0;
      hi2c1->Init.OwnAddress2Masks = I2C_OA2_NOMASK;
      hi2c1->Init.GeneralCallMode = I2C_GENERALCALL_DISABLE;
      hi2c1->Init.NoStretchMode = I2C_NOSTRETCH_DISABLE;

      if (HAL_I2C_Init(hi2c1) != HAL_OK)

      /**Configure Analogue filter
      if (HAL_I2CEx_ConfigAnalogFilter(hi2c1, I2C_ANALOGFILTER_ENABLE) != HAL_OK)


In debug mode my code generate an hardware fault event on the first line of MX_I2C1_Init function.

Would it be possible for someone to tell me what i am doing wrong ?


Thanks in advance.