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IO limit voltage of STM32F303RCT6

Question asked by Lin Zi on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on May 11, 2018 by Zhitai Liu

Hello ST engineers,

According to the MCU (STM30F303RCT6) datasheet, the absolute maximum rating of IO's Vin is 4.0V (page 56).

In our application, operating voltage is 3.3V (Vdd=Vdda=3.3V), but the input voltage of PA0 and PA1 (they are used as ADC function, ADC1_IN1 and ADC2_IN2 respectively) can up to and remain at about 3.75V.

My question is, in this case,

1), will both IO ports of the MCU be damaged and cannot be used again?

2), or both two IO ports just cannot work properly, but once the input voltage is reduced to less than 3.6V (general operating condition, Vdda+0.3V, page58), they can return to work normally?

Thanks in advance.