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SPWF04 Error:50:Unable to access filesystem

Question asked by Marc ZK on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2017 by Mareike H


I am using a SPWF04, and I am connecting it to PC using STM32 Nucleo as USB2UART bridge ( This is running WiFi VCOM , STM32L476RG-Nucleo project.bin )

I am working on a project where I want to have a webpage on the SPWF04 (similar to the example applications). The SPWF04 will be in Wi-Fi AP mode, and allow connection from mobile devices.  The mobile device will hit the webpage - which in turn will cause SSI calls to the SPWF04 module.   I will then have micropython code on the SPWF04 that will receive the SSI call (through +WIND notifications) and will return the relevant data for the SSI field.

The micropython will also have an open connection to UART/USB to a PC - and will send/receive messages on that port.


I am currently experiencing some issues that I hope you can help with:


1)  Please could you confirm that for development purposes, I am using the STM32 Nucleo as USB2UART bridge in the correct way i.e. using WiFi VCOM  - or should i be using something else on the Nucleo?


2)  Using TeraTerm, I connect to the SPWF04/Nucleo from PC/USB - with baud rate 115200 and with 1msec/char transmit delay (as recommended on a previous post).  I have sometimes had issues wiht accessing the filesystem. i.e. When i sent AT+S.FSL  - i get a response of AT-S.ERROR:50:Unable to access filesystem

What causes this? and how can i resolve it?

(UPDATE:  I have noticed that I am getting a +WIND:7:Configuration Failure:13 - which from the documentation is detailed as "13. Shown when APP disk cannot be mounted".  (AT+S.STS shows app_fs=0 and user_fs=0)


3)  I have tried connecting to the SWPF04/Nucleo from a python script running on the PC.  This opens the serial port and sends AT commands (SWPF04 in console_enabled = 1 mode).  Some of the characters of the AT command appear to get lost e.g.  The script may send AT+RESET<cr> - but the response is "AT+RSET unknown".