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Where do I find ST-LINK/V2 host interface details

Question asked by Matt Wilson on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2017 by Philipp Krause

I am a Linux user (hobbyist), with ST-LINK/V2 connecting to various STM8S  devices. I can find details of the SWIM and DM interfaces on the device side (ST document UM0470), but cannot locate any details of the host side. I am not a C programmer, but I have looked at the code for STM8FLASH (on GitHib) and it shows that I need to know more about the host side interface of ST-LINK/V2. Any assistance greatly appreciated.


Background: The STM8s are running custom code. I want to use debug module to stall cpu so can inject data and change program counter before restarting cpu; lots of times. I'll probably hack something together using Python, just to see if my idea actually works at all. But I cannot find details of host side commands to ST-LINK/V2 on I figure what I want is probably there, but I am looking for the wrong thing!!