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LwIP UDP updated examples ?

Question asked by andy b on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2017 by Andrew Chin

Hello fellow stm32 explorers

I am currently trying to communicate on a LAN network between a pc (server) and my stm32F4 discovery + phy module (client) via a UDP protocol.I am using LwIP with the RAW api (also called NO_SYS).I was able to succesfully convert an example from the stm32f4 eval board to work on my hardware.My probleme is that now im trying to recreate the example but from a project made from scratch.The example I've used is using an old version of LwIP which means that now with my new project which includes the newest version of LwIP simply doing excly the same thing as the example I converted does not work because of the changes made to the library. I am looking for LwIP examples for a newer version of LwIP. Ideally im looking for a RAW api UDP client example. Frankly I haven't found much documentation on how to use the RAW api just a list of functions and how to call them.A code with a basic example of a UDP client would be appreciated.I kept the settings of LwiP in the cube unchanged exept for the NO_SYS ,NO_DHCP and NO_TCP.I am also wondering if there might be something fishy in my configs.I know for certain that my hardware works so this is really a software issue.

Any help or tips concerning UDP using LwIP's RAW api is much appreciated.

Have a nice day