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Question asked by giri prakash on Jun 29, 2017 program ST7FL39, i used software ST VISUAL PROGRAMMER....when i used Rlink to read STM8S103K3 with SWIM connection i can read and write what i want.......when i used ICC connection to read  ST7FL39 on same plate-from, software display this message "PROBLEM WHILE DOWNLOADING MONITOR"  i don't understand what does this mean?..... about ICC connection on 10th pin female connector 1,3,5,10 are GND.....2 ICCDATA...4 ICC CLK....6 RESET....

&7pin is used target device completely  run with 12V DC...i have to give that 12V supply on that pin?.......about 9th pin OSC, they recommend 12MHz Cristal to put....what does this mean...i have to put external 12MHz Cristal on ST7FL39 CPU's  8 leg? or i have to just connect pin for 12MHz, which is given on adapter? please help!!