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How to diagnose/fix "Contents mismatch" error and problem with loading firmware to board taking too long

Question asked by stuart woodbury on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by stuart woodbury

I have a 4MB program which takes ~15 minutes to load to the board. That's problem #1. Once it loads, I get a bunch of errors, like this: "Contents mismatch at: 00200000H  (Flash=08H  Required=D8H) !". (it repeats for 00200001, all the way up to 002000C5H, where it says "too many errors to display").  I'm wondering how I can diagnose/fix this issue. 


-also, I'm attempting to use the quad-spi flash memory and the 128mbit sdram. I have pictures attached of the configuration. 

-some interesting thing i noticed:

   -the errors start at 0020000H, and in the memory map, that's where startup_stm32f769xx.o is. 

   - in UM2033, page 20, it says the virtual COM port is configured as 115200 b/s, so uploading should take < 1 min