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Remaining Time  in STC3115, Error.

Question asked by edoardo seminara on Jun 27, 2017

Hello everyone,
I would like to ask a question about a problem with the integrated STC3115.


I apologize first if the question is displayed incorrectly or implicitly.


I've read some examples including the STSW-BAT001, but I find some problem with reading the remaining time of the battery in my application. I see correctly SOC and other information such as ChargeValue and Current, but the remaining time function always returns an error (-1) which is inevitable since RemTime is initially set to zero and Current is always negative when using batteries. At every call i read all the data except the remaining time.


I attach the STSW-BAT001 example and here the function mentioned in the Driver.c file:


/ * Remaining time calculation * /
If (BatteryData-> Current <0)
BatteryData-> RemTime = (BatteryData-> RemTime * 4 + BatteryData-> ChargeValue / BatteryData-> Current * 60) / 5;
If (BatteryData-> RemTime <0)
BatteryData-> RemTime = -1; / * Means no estimated time available * /
BatteryData-> RemTime = -1; / * Means no estimated time available * /


Also I can not understand what the measurement unit would be coming out, since ChargeValue is mAh and Current mA, i expect to get "hours" units right?


Thanks for your help