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ADC in STM8S105C6T6

Question asked by le.duc on Jun 26, 2017

Hello all,


I am using the 10 bits ADC converter of the STM8S105C6T6 MCU.

I have a question about the maximum rating of the analog input voltage channel:

in the datasheet of the MCU, it said that the max positive input voltage is VDD+0.3 and minimum negative is -0.3V

but in the ADC chapter, i saw the voltage of clamp diode from the input side is 0.6V connect to VDD and GND.

that mean  the max input voltage of the analog channel can be more than VDD+0.3. 

In this case, i don't know if the input pin will be broken or not ? 




One more question: does anybody know how much is the input impedance of the comparator inside the ADC block?

I only know that the Rmpx_max=1kohm and Rsw_max=30kohm. i need this information to calculate exactly the voltage drop from the input ADC to the output cause by R_ain, Rmpx and Rsw.

Link to datasheet:… 


Thank you.