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does ST25R3911B support ISO15693?

Question asked by Hanna Kalpachkina on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2017 by Ulysses HERNIOSUS

Hallo dear Community,

for a student projekt I am looking for a solution to communicate with M24LR04E-R which ist ISO15693 Dynamic Tag.

First I choose ST25R3911B-DISCO evaluation kit with ST25R3911B Reader-IC on it. This solution is ISO15693 compilant and it look‘s like a good idea to Read/Write on the M24LR. But it is in the developing phase and I can‘t order that.

So I thought about ordering simple ST25R3911B Reader-IC and upgrade it with a self-made antenna. But the datasheet of the ST25R3911B says nothing about  supporting NFC-V (ISO 15693).

Tell me please if I can pair ST25R3911B Reader-IC with M24LR04E-R Tag.


Best regards, Hanna