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USB HID as keyboard emulation as keyboard emulation

Question asked by Denis Gottardello on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by Denis Gottardello

This is my first experience with USB as virtual keyboard.
I have configured in CubeMX a Human Interface Device (HID). After that, to have someting written in my notepad I have written the following function:


      uint8_t USB_TX_Buffer[8];
      USB_TX_Buffer[0]= 'H';
      USB_TX_Buffer[1]= 'e';
      USB_TX_Buffer[2]= 'l';
      USB_TX_Buffer[3]= 'l';
      USB_TX_Buffer[4]= 'o';
      USB_TX_Buffer[5]= '\0';
      USBD_HID_SendReport(hUsbDeviceFS, USB_TX_Buffer, 6);

But I obtain only the movement of the mouse! Can someone suggest me the right way?