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Running Python on SPWF04Sx

Question asked by Marc ZK on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by Nicholas Yunker


I am using a for SPWF04Sx Wi-Fi module - and am trying to run the example python code provided in the user guide.

I have the SPWF04Sx configured as console 2 (UART and python)

I have created a file called and copied the code from the WIND example section 5.2 on page 17 of AN4964.

I have used the command ",479" to copy it to the RAM on the SPWF04Sx


I have tried running it by calling "" but only get the response:

File "", line 1

SyntaxError: invalid systax


I have also tried the basic code in 5.1 and , i have created a one line python file with only print("hello") in it.

This also gets the same SyntaxError error


Any suggestions?


I've also noticed that the CTRL short codes dont work on my system i.e. CTRL-D is not recognised to exit REPL, -and I am unable to use  CTRL-E to enter Paste mode. Any ideas on that one?