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what stm32 demo board is suitable for porting linux along with can-bus pin enabled

Question asked by SIHUN LEE on Jun 25, 2017

Hi !!!


I am working on can-bus project with embedded linux environment. i tried porting linux on f4 discovery (f429) and the can bus pin wouldn't work on the machine some one said that i needed to cut C53 capacitor in order to use canbus . then i tried it on f407 discovery and canbus worked but i couldn't port linux on it.


So Iam looking at two f7 discovery machine 

1. stm32F746G DISCOVERY
2. stm32F769I DISCOVERY


Could anyone tell me if it is possible to port linux on stm32f7 discovery machine along with can bus pin enabled.

if it is possible,

which one should i choose ???

thank you :-)