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STM32F7 DCMI not geting FrameEvent

Question asked by Avner Gidron on Jun 25, 2017


I'm working on the STM32F769I-Eval board and trying to get frames from the ov7740 using the DCMI and DMA (stream 2 channel 1). my problem is as so: the ov7740 is in VGA format (640 x 480). when I'm trying to use the HAL_DCMI_Start_DMA function I'm not getting the frame received event (I call this function with a buffer defined in the sram sized 0x25800 as  I saw in the STM32F7 snapshot example).

I can see that the buffer is getting values but no frame event is called.

When I set the buffer size to 0x9600 I do get frame event.

Help will be appreciated!